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LINDENS R BACK! by Lovebuck
Temporarily accepting SL linden commissions! 1,000L per character! All images to be fully colored!

Open until further notice! :D

Note me <3
Still have open commission slots on my FA page, if you'd like one just note me~ I'll send you my prices.
My Vesperoo by Lovebuck
My Vesperoo
She doesn't have a name yet but this is what she looks like :>

Vesperoos are a closed species and can be adopted at $5 each.
Vesperoo Batch 1 by Lovebuck
Vesperoo Batch 1
Batch 1!

These are first come first serve. $5 each!
Please reply below which one you would like and I will send you my paypal.
THEY ARE NOT FOR RE-SALE. If you no longer want your Vesperoo simply let me know and I will re-list it.

Yes. Even the custom option is $5.

Badger: Pudding-paw fa
Sugar: Puddingpaw fa
Custom: sliverkitsune fa
Vesperoo Info Sheet! by Lovebuck
Vesperoo Info Sheet!
New Adoptable Species!  $5 Each, always!  Stay tuned!


Ok so this is all the information I have so far about the Vesperoos.

What is a Vesperoo?
Vesperoos are Daemons of Nature. This means that they are guides and guardians of the earth and all the creatures in it. To help them achieve this task they have the ability to shape shift. However, when they shift they retain their basic physical appearances like their horns, hooves, colors, and fur markings, etc.

Vesperoos are not immortal beings, they just live for a really long time.
They live in small family units which are part of a greater regional society. Regions are generally by terrain (forest, mountains, sea, rivers, lakes, desert, etc.)
They are also non-reproductive! Vesperoos are sterile, but possess reproductive organs. This is from a change in their evolution as dictated by Hesperia (see Hesperia below).
Children are “crafted” as needed to fulfill a role in the society or region by High Vespers Council members (see High Vespers below). A bonded pair who wishes to have a child must seek approval from the High Vespers first. Much like adoption, one must apply to have a child if a role is not clearly available in the immediate society.

There is no hierarchy between vesperoos as each fulfills a unique and equal role of their choosing in the society.

The only “special" Vesperoos are those that create MORE Vesperoos. High Vespers.
No one is crafted as a High Vesper from birth.
High Vespers are extremely rare. Many societies will use the same High Vesper as they are very difficult to find.

Vesperoos have a source of creation named Hesperia. She is the immortal divinity who created the Vesperoos in her image. It is only Hesperia who is able to gift Vesperoos with the ability to “craft” thus turning them into High Vespers. This is an exceptionally rare and special occurrence. Hesperia is thus considered the queen of all Vesperoos. Her word is law. 

*Hesperia will be drawn in the future ;P

Vesperoo Species Sheet:
Any of the shown or listed traits pictured here are acceptable. Rare physical attributes or colors do not affect a Vesperoo's status or abilities, even for High Vespers.
I have 3 open commission slots!


Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Got questions? Just ask! :)

I make skins and textures on SecondLife, and I take illustration commissions! WOW! Come find me! (Mitch Hauster)
LeCerf on GaiaOnline
Mitchi on

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